How To Protect Your Business Knowledge?

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This question might seem strange at first, after all how can you protect something abstract? If you stop to think business knowledge are often stored in word processor, spreadsheet, and image software, and many other applications. But how do you protect it all in the easiest and best way possible? Here are 4 steps you can take to increase the safety of your data:

Install and update anti-virus

The devices in your business system should be well protected to make the first layer of protection. Now days anti-virus is very popular and for the right reasons, it is very good protecting individual devices which strengthen the security of a network as a whole.

As home offices are becoming a preferred choice of many people, businesses should offer their workers tools to protect the devices used for their work. It might include training of how to protect devices/network, but also it can be by providing a good software or even offering a schedule of how often to update applications and instructions on how to do it.

Constant Back-ups

Having a back-up schedule is very important even for your business data. Back-ups helps with human errors, but they are also very powerful against cyber-attacks; if your system get infected by malware you can alleviate the effects by having a reliable back-up to put in place in the system.

Back-ups are an amazing layer of protection for any business, but never totally rely on one back-up, the ideal is to have multiple back-ups physically and using cloud services or to back-up with multiple services. Having more than one back-up allows for many plans if multiple events happen at the same time such as a cyber-attack to systems and the loss of data by a back-up service.

Constant Clean-ups

Cleaning up not only helps to reduce costs as you have less data overall to manage but it can also be a strong layer of protection for your business. Often what is referred to as dark data, unknown or unused data in an organisation, can lead to major complications in your business. Dark data might contain sensitive information about your clients or business, and they might be unprotected due to the lack of use or knowledge about it.

To help with this dark data problem you can implement a data cleaning policy to give instructions on how to deal with data is redundant, useless, or old.

Online Protection

The most important of all but often overlooked it online protection overall. While surfing on the web you are constantly browsing through threats, but you do not need to worry a lot! Good browsers offer a suitable amount of protection against malware, but if you agree that safety is never enough you can make use of some tools such as Cyber Alarm.

Cyber Alarm offers domain monitoring of your domain in such way which you will be warned if we ever find your domain or even the information in it is being used as part of a phishing scheme. Cyber Alarm also offers many other features such as ID theft identification and monitoring, and footprint scanning! You can try it for free, with no commitment, set-up, or payment needed at